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You are still welcome to place an order, but it won't be processed and shipped out until next week. We will still be available via email and phone for questions.

Midwest Custom Carriages!

Looking for a quality marathon-type vehicle? Check our our "sister company", Midwest Custom Carriages! www.midwestcustomcarriages.com

Mark Dahlberg and four ponies to a Victoria Sleigh.

Mark Dahlberg and Four to the Sleigh

Julie Dahlberg and Sandee at Skunk River Driving Trial 2010

Julie Dahlberg and Sandee at Skunk River Driving Trial 2010
Joe Boeser and Elmer at the Frederic Sleigh Rally

Linda Block and Primo take a victory lap at the 2010 Columbus Carriage Classic in Columbus, WI.

Linda Block with Primo at Columbus Carriage Classic

Jacque Deweese's pony Ashes teaches his grandson to drive.

Jac and Ashes

Iowa Valley Carriage is an excellent source of supplies for driving horses, vehicle construction & repair, and accessories for drivers of all levels!

With our own competitive and recreational experience driving all sizes of equines from Very Small Equines (Miniatures) to Draft horses, let us help you find just the right items for:

  • Pleasure Driving Shows,
  • Combined Driving Events and Driving Trials,
  • Commercial and Recreational Driving

We specialize in products for miniatures, ponies, donkeys, mules, and light horses of all breeds!

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