Louis Miller from Sedalia, Co restored wagon.

Wagon restored by Louis Miller from Sedalia, CO.

Mark Dahlberg and four ponies to a Victoria Sleigh

Mark Dahlberg and Four to the Sleigh

Gene Rhinehart showing Celtic in Cones

Gene Rhinehart showing Celtic in Cones

Linda Block and Primo take a victory lap at the 2010 Columbus Carriage Classic in Columbus, WI.

Linda Block with Primo at Columbus Carriage Classic

Sandee does a wedding with a friend's pair of Morgan/Percherons

Sandee does a wedding with the a friend's pair of Blacks

Iowa Valley Carriage caters to a wide variety of driving venues for the light equine. Shoppers will find products for:
  • pleasure showing,
  • combined driving events,
  • commercial carriage operators,
  • recreational driving,
  • wagon training, and
  • backyard excursions.

We provide products for miniatures, ponies, light horses, donkeys and mules.

Placing Orders

When you have completed placing your order through your shipping cart, please call 641-484-4784 between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm CST to arrange payment, or if you prefer not to use the shipping cart simply call to complete your order.   

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